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Provide knowledge experience & technology to produce yields for national independence food security.

A.M.T Aquaculture division can Develop a source of high quality aquatic protein from Mariculture and fresh water Aquaculture as a part of food security. 

A.M.T can share its experienced innovative approaches to marine fisheries management, in protected bays and at the offshore considering safety of the operating teams and the fish cages at sea.

Our Vision

Create food for humanity.

Fulfilling the need to catch up with future shortages in next years and decades.

Cooperating with the local communities

To complete our vision is required to cooperate with the local community through our knowledge, experience and high-tech methods, with the assistance of our skilled instructors we will work together with local communities to develop and adapt methods  for systematic and continual processing and production of food.

Jobs Creation

Knowledge transfer is one of our main objectives. 

Creating jobs in the different agriculture fields together with Teaching professional skills will create basic and professional employment.

The implementation of related industries for Agriculture and Aquaculture products will create even more jobs in the Country and will be a future elevation for increasing economic potential.


Exporting Agriculture and Aquaculture products to neighbor Countries will  strengthen the economy and will promote the foreign currency balance.

Looking To The Future

We believe that in the near future there will be a global lack of food supply.

Prices will rise and food security will become critical.

Many Countries are not using their potential to be self-food independent producers.

AMT Group will guide the way to achieve this goal.

sharing our knowledge and know-how, with the assistance of our team of experts can teach the local communities how to fulfill their development potential, create more jobs, produce the needed food and generate the next future steps of the Country growth. 


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Head Office

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Tel: 972-50-2272717

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