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Fish are first and foremost a source for high quality animal protein and important fatty acids which are vital to human nutrition's.

According to F.A.O "Consumption of fish is the key to good health. It is especially crucial for women during pregnancy and lactation Credit ".

The direct consumption of fish and aquatic products all over the world is in constant increasing,

Fishing resources reach up to 90 million ton/year but are not capable to supply the increasing demand with the growth of population.

Therefor a most important solution to complete balanced food supply is, and will be Aquaculture.

The inland Aquaculture production is 50% from the world global oceans catches.

The oceans are over exploited and the landings of fish catch are in reduction

Aquaculture was and will be the fastest aquatic growing brunch due to increasing demand for animal protein because of population growth.

Country Protein Security will be depend in abilities of its aquatic fisheries production.


Fish are important food, especially for children, and must be included in our diet as a vital source of protein and Fatty Acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6

100 hectare of inland fishery can support an Annum Protein consumption to10,000 people.

Photo below 25 hectare of fish culture reservior  

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